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Expect Personalized, Exceptional Quality, and Transparency

From Concept to Completion For Your Renovation Project

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We Offer All-In-One Design, Product Selection and Construction Services

With 20 years of experience in the renovations and construction industry, our skilled craftsmen and team are dedicated to delivering exceptional results tailored to your individual preferences and requirements. Allow us to take care of everything so you can enjoy the renovation process.


Timeline Details:
Pre-Construction to Construction

Our Pre-Construction Process is typically a 5-6 month process. We offer an end-to-end client experience that we aim to make seamless for you. Let’s walk through our steps:


Our Kick Off Meeting:

6 Months Prior to Start Date (2-3 Hours)

This is our initial meeting where we will review the scope of work and conceptional budget. We’ll also walk through your drawing(s) and confirm selection material allowances and timelines. Lastly, if required we’ll specify custom carpentry features.


Confirm Designs & Create Schedules:

5 Months Prior to Start Date (2-3 Hours)

In this meeting we will agree on final design plans. We’ll schedule doors, windows and flooring choices. Additionally we’ll discuss the plan for sourcing finish selections and have a survey of your existing home. Lastly, if required for your project we’ll begin your Kitchen design.


Pre-Con Prep & Selection Services:

4-3 Months Prior to Start Date (Multiple Meetings)

It’s shopping time! This is where we get you introduced and organized with our suppliers and vendors by going on site visits. We’ll also finalize your custom kitchen planning (If this is in your project scope. Note: It may require 2 additional meetings) and create schedules for plumbing, lighting, trim and paint. Lastly, we'll go over your existing conditions survey.


Final Proposal Review:

1-2 Months Prior to Start Date (2-3 Hours)

You’ve made it to the final few steps before construction begins! In this meeting we will review and accept the final proposal with “finishing” selections. We’ll define the purchaser for your selections (whether that is us buying on your behalf or if you’ll be purchasing selections yourself) and establish your official start date! Lastly, we will discuss your financing and all other final preparations for ContentoCo to start construction.


Operations Hand-Off:

(Anticipated Project Start Date)

Our team is enthusiastic about bringing your vision to life, and we’re committed to delivering exceptional results! We are now ready to begin construction and you’ll be introduced to the project management and field team working on your project.

From Process To Completion Watch Your Renovation Project Come to Life

Communication is key. That means we work side-by-side with you with frequent updates to keep you informed on the progress of your project. You can rest easy knowing that we are insured and promise to provide the highest level of quality, guaranteed!

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Are You Ready to Discuss Your Renovation?

First, be sure to check out our Projects page for examples of our past clients projects scope and budget. Then let’s chat! Schedule a free in-house design and budget consultation with us. We’ll give you  a realistic assessment of your options and costs.


Service Areas:

East Aurora, Orchard Park, Elma, Marilla, Wales, West Falls, Ellicottville


Contact Us:

391 Olean Rd. Suite #7 East Aurora | Phone: 716.220.7304 |

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